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Goth Portraits

Killer Heels Photography contacted me to take part in their gothic portrait project. I arrived at the studio and Andrew was already there waiting for me, and what I found: is that he is not just a great professional, but also a great person! Very kind and available, he made me feel immediately comfortable. The requirements for the project were previously given, and on the day of the shoot Andrew knew what he wanted to achieve, and how! The whole shooting session has been incredibly creative and rich because this great photographer was able to capture the best of me.

In complete honesty. Killer Heels is a well known studio in my genre, and I didn't know whether to expect a photographer with a huge ego. Instead, I was pleased to meet a great person I had some great time with and a fantastic artist.

10 out of 10 and can't reccomend Andrew enough!!

Made it at last

Arranged to shoot before but with the current situation my flight was cancelled, so we rearranged and it was worth all the hassle. We got on so well, it was my first time travelling upto Aberdeen and by plane during a pandemic, so yes I was anxious but was put at ease as soon as I arrived I was greeted in the airport and driven to my hotel.

The next day I was picked up and driven to the studio ready for a full day of shooting, I’ve wanted to work with Killerheels for a while as he has such a stand out style and so much choice of latex!

Really great experience who doesn’t love getting into some latex! So empowering and itching for more!

We got on really well and honestly have zero complaints, very progressional and warm friendly guy and that’s what I love about modelling, it’s more that just the images, it’s meeting genuine people and the experience so thank you ??

We got some amazing shots and I would HIGHLY recommend, definitely one to work with you won’t be disappointed!
Miss Kink

Too much fun

Andrew is absolutely fabulous to work with. Pleasant and entertaining personally, as well as an extremely talented photographer, Andrew couldn't have done anything more to make me any more comfortable, happy and relaxed. I was in the studio with him for two days and every moment was fun! His results are amazing and his directions are subtle and unobtrusive, and his edit turnaround is far above most. ????? cannot recommend highly enough.
Zoe Toulman

Great to be back

It was so good to shoot with Andrew again after all these years! He always has amazing ideas and outfits/props which really brings it to life. He is talented and enthusiastic, we got some amazing pics and I can't wait to see them! I hope to work with him again one day and highly recommend him to others Smile Thanks!
Natasha Kalasnikova

First time latex photo shoot

Had the absolute honor to be invited to come along to the Killer Heels studio for a shoot, and I’m so glad I was given the opportunity.

Andrew was very approachable before and after shoot, making sure our prep was all sorted for both of us. The studio was amazing, lovely big dressing room. Andrew was professional and extremely laid back which just made the whole experience fun and enjoyable.

A lot of latex outfits to choose from, stunning outfits and wigs for everyone. Can’t wait to shoot again. Absolutely too fab photographer!!
Tracy Logan


I finally got to work with Killer Heels this year, after moving to Scotland. I have been a fan of his work for years! The shoot was absolutely EPIC! Not only did he provide all of the outfits and shoes (cleaned and shined prior to the shoot), but we were able to shoot 4 full looks in a short amount of time, and I love the results! They are some of my favourites of my work!
I can't wait for the next time that we get to work together!
Siena Hutton Wood

Absolute pleasure

I had the pleasure of working with this amazing and super talented artist a few months ago and can't wait to be back in his studio again!
Estefania Alejo


I have worked with Andrew twice now and I’m already looking forward to returning for more amazing shoots in the near future. Andrew is a lovely guy, is very polite and instantly makes you feel so comfortable. He is very professional and gets amazing results in such a short time! For our latest shoots (February 2020), I wore approx 9 hot rubber outfits and we have an unbelievable amount of fantastic images from that! I’m now thinking of which outfits to wear for the next shoot ??


I recently had a shoot with Andrew at the Killer Heels Photography Studio and I could not be more pleased with the entire experience. Being from the US, I had to plan this way in advance and he was completely understanding and very attentive to all of the many questions I had in prepping for it. Seriously...I probably never waited over a day for answers to any questions.

He had a fantastic wardrobe of high quality latex already at hand so I didn’t have to travel with any items unless I wanted to bring them. I did bring some but only ended up using one accessory that I brought. He had a ton to work with. Awesome stuff.

The atmosphere was great! Felt like a rock star throughout the entire shoot. He was a great producer/director but I really felt like the entire shoot was up to me in terms of the direction I wanted to go in. Becca was my MUA that day and she was fantastic is well. Fantastic looks throughout the day and very easy to talk to.

And the results!!! I’m so pleased. The raw images were great right off the camera but the edits were phenomenal.

If you are considering a shoot with KHP...don’t hesitate. It’s an empowering experience and Andrew was fantastic. I definitely plan to return in the future.

Awesome work

I follow a lot of latex posts and you have the most beautiful pictures and I’m not just saying that! You put everything together with such class! The make up, the style of latex, the shiny of the latex, the placement of lighting! You bring it all together and make amazing pictures and I thank you for it!

Need to come back

Everything just goes so smoothly with him. We had a lot of fun during the shooting. He is such an amazing photographer and person. just get back home few days ago but I'm already planning for our next shoot.
Delowan Baban

Studio shoot with KHP

I had an amazing 2 days shooting with Andrew!!! He's professional but very fun :) he made me feel very welcome and comfortable, helped me in any way he could, it was my first time on a plane and first time in Scotland and he made my stay stress free and made sure I had anything I needed. I can't wait to see the images we have created.....I will definitely come to Scotland again to shoot with Andrew, such a lovely person
Trish Burnham

Expectations exceeded

I, Calea Toxic, was in Scotland last weekend to finally have a photo shoot at Killer Heels Photography. The result was not only as expected very good, but it exceeded all my expectations!! It's not only the most beautiful pictures I've ever taken, but Andrew is the most professional and likeable photographer I've ever met. His creativity and photographic skills are world class, a great artist!"
Calea Toxic

studio shoot

So glad I finally got to shoot with Killer Heels! I’ve been wanting to for a long time and he didn’t disappoint when it happened! Super friendly and professional, so happy with my images :D thanks Andrew!
Nancy Harry

Studio shoot with KHP

This was my first time shooting with Killer Heels so as we'd never met, I was both excited and nervous- I absolutely love his work and have been quietly admiring it from the start! He did his absolute best to make me feel comfortable, accommodated and happy on set, which after a long morning of travelling was greatly appreciated. He has many creative ideas that closely aligned with my own, and the time honestly seemed the fly by- the photos I've glimpsed so far are beyond amazing and I'm ecstatic at what we managed to create :) Strong recommendations from myself and I would happily work with KH again in the future!
Rachel Louise Halsall

Model Studio Day

So it was my first time working at the studio, pre communications with Andrew where really good and fast which is always a big help. I arrived early and was offered a coffee strait away. The studio was nice and warm ready for me to shoot. The facilities at the studio are really nice too, nice bright changing room for me to do my make-up and things. The guys thee where just such a friendly bunch and nothing was too much for them.

It was a long 10 hour studio day but it didn't even feel like it was that long. The time flew by. I just spent most of the day laughing if I’m honest. I would happily recommend this studio to anyone and I would of course love to come back if they can put up with me ha ha, thanks for having me guys!
Bobbi Castle

Thought I’d say few words about my experience with Killer Heels

Amazing, incredible , professional, fun, banter for days!!!

I loved every second of that shoot. Andrew was approachable and fantastic from the initial message all the way to him collecting me from airport, also kindly returning me.
I felt so comfortable and at one point Andrew had to give me a small hand with an item of tricky clothing. Andrew helped maintain my modesty and was very professional about it.
The shoot was so much fun, the hours flew by and the banter and music selection was Rockin!!!
I would recommend him to everyone!!
Thankyou Andrew and can’t wait for us to work together very soon!

5* all the way!
Karmen Rae

Latex first timer

My first time shooting in latex and I’m blown away with the results.

From the very first message Andrew paid so much attention to detail, making sure we had outfits ready, hair and make-up planned so everything ran smoothly.

He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and we had a great laugh! The images are phenomenal! I can’t thank him enough for the effort and for an amazing day.! Until next time Smile
Beth McAdie

Dramatic make-up

Worked alongside Andrew as a make up artist on a recent shoot in Aberdeen. The shoot was great fun, relaxed and very well organised, I look forward to working with him again in the future.
Hannah Adams

Model Studio Day

I shot at Killer Heels studio last week in my Scotland tour.

They are a great team. I was collected by Andrew from my apartment and taken to the studio. I worked with around 5 different photographers all organised by Andrew each and every one was very easy to work with the day flew by.

I will be planning another tour for 2018 and look forward to working with them again then Smile

I am very happy with Andrews photos and admire his professionalism. High quality photos and great support.
Aurelia Mongan

One of the best experiences I had with a photographer.

I absolutely loved working with Andrew!

Spent the weekend in Aberdeen and everything was settled before I even arrived, outfits were arranged, hotel was booked, didn't need to bring anything except my make-up haha.
He made sure I felt comfortable, the studio was warm too, thanks to the heaters
He picked me up at the airport, dropped me off at the hotel, which was in a shopping mall so I wouldn't get bored (or lost ha ha), picked me up the next morning and brought me to the airport again as well.
Working with Andrew was very relaxed, thrust worthy and we had some good laughs as well.

10/10 would definitely come back to shoot with you again!
Ivana Verschuren

What an expereince

Had my first amazing shoot with Andrew hopefully not last thoroughly enjoyed throughout fun but professional shoot Andrew is so organised from the tiniest details, friendly communication pre and post and the final images are amazing.. thank you so much Andrew for the opportunity you've definitely got me hooked ? well recommended to anyone xx
Michelle Rowledge

Such a fun day

I had an incredible shoot with Andrew last week. From the start of the booking to the very end. Andrew was well organised and made sure we were finalised and everything was planned and sorted from the outfits and looks to the finest details to ensure each image was a success. All the clothing provided was amazing quality and as a result the images are outstanding. Im so happy with the final results. Thanks for the shoot Andrew, well recommended by me!
Becky Holt

Best ever shoot

Absolutely loved my shoot with Andrew. He is an absolute diamond. In fact he is the most highly recommended photographer that I have ever worked with. Reason being is
1: He is completely professional,
2nd: The ideas and props that he has at hand to create the best shots is unreal.
3: The effort he puts into his shoots to get the best photographs for you both is second to none.
4: He is understanding and will compromise but never ever make you feel uncomfortable, his main priority is you making sure you are at your best.
5: One of the kindest photographers I've met.
6: He organised so many things, the outfits, MUA, designer.
7: His sense of humour is great and he is so easy to talk and get along with....
honestly the list goes on and on and on. If I could I would go as far as to say if I had to pick one photographer that I had to work with for the rest of my career he would be the one id pick.
Sancia Black

Always fun times

I have worked with Andrew a couple of times and every time has been nothing but a pleasure he introduced me to latex and I have been addicted since. ??Communicates and interacts well on and off shoot. Makes the model feel completely comfortable. Full of creative ideas and open to models ideas I would always recommend working with him, truly professional talented and a really genuine nice guy
Holly Dolly Blue

Great shoot

Had an amazing shoot with Killer Heels very professional great photographer and fun to work with ,definitely highly recommend!
Sarah Davies Kellner

Scooter bois!

Have helped Andrew out twice recently, and have found both Andrew and the models very pleasant to be with. A warm welcome when we arrive at the studio. As part of the scooter club scene, never would we have thought about using scooter ( lambrettas & vespas ) for a fetish photo shoot. Boy were we shocked at the out come of those photos. True professionals all involved. Look forward to being able to help out again in the near future.
Bill Malcolm

It's the little things that make a difference

I had the honour of working with Andrew and team during my recent Scotland tour.

I can honestly say that it was the most stress-free shoot that I have ever done and definitely one of the most enjoyable! If you have seen KillerHeels' portfolio, then you already know that Andrew is a talented and passionate photographer. His work speaks for itself, so I'm going to talk about behind the scenes and the smaller details that aren't so obvious by reading his profile. Wink

Andrew has a big heart and his hospitality is impeccable. He really is a true gentleman! I was greeted at the train station with smiles and friendly banter and already, I knew that we would get along well! When I arrived at the studio, I was delighted to find that the clothing rail was packed full of beautiful latex outfits to my EXACT measurements (nice for someone to actually read my measurements for a change) and the mini fridge in the dressing room was fully stocked with bottles of bubbly! Don't even get me started on the shoes, there is a reason why he's called "KillerHeelsPhotography". Wink

The studio, make-up and changing areas were kept tidy and organized and Andrew did absolutely everything to make me feel comfortable, including playing my favourite tunes and ordering in foods and snacks that I like. I'm certainly not a diva and would never have demanded any of these things, but the gestures were massively appreciated and it really did put a smile on my face. It's the small things that go a long way and add an element of luxury to the workplace. Smile

Although I do enjoy doing my own make-up and styling for shoots, there's just something quite special about being pampered by talented and creative people whilst drinking prosecco. Rebecca (MUA) and Andrew (Hair-Stylist) were amazing, hilarious and talented people that I got on really well with. I loved the fact that both of them had clearly done a lot of research on me before the shoot and immediately made me up in a way that they knew I would like. I really appreciated this and it took all the stress out of the shoot for me, so that I could purely focus on my poses and expressions. Smile

The actual photo shoot itself was fun and super productive. Andrew is just a delight to work with. He knows exactly what he's doing and does all of his lighting setups whilst the model is getting changed, so there's no waiting around! Needless to say, the images that we got are amazing!!

I could go on all day about how awesome the shoot was, but I'll leave at this:

It really does make a difference when you are working with a team that care. I had an incredible day and I would definitely come back without any hesitation!!!

I highly recommend KillerHeelsPhotography to any model wanting a portfolio update or any woman that would like to have a makeover photoshoot experience whilst being treated like a queen.

Thank you so much for looking after me!!!
Valis Volkova

Great shoot

What can I say?! A fantastic day, with a fantastic team!

I've had a sneak preview of the results & I'm already so excited to release them!

The whole shoot was very fun, the stylists were quick and knew exactly how to achieve all the looks. Andrew knew what he wanted from the outfits & we got lots of different sets achieved in a relatively short time.

I'd LOVE to come back and shoot again Smile


Zara x
Zara DuRose


Had an absolutely brilliant shoot with Andrew on my Scotland tour, he had beautiful outfits for me to wear paired with awesome props. He is super easy to chat to and work with, thoroughly enjoyed the whole shoot! His work is amazing and the images I've seen so far have made me very excited to see more! If you get the chance to work with Andrew then do it, I would highly recommend him!
Anna Quinn

Lusy logan

Really sexy shots, can't wait to see if I look that good when I come in November for mine
Karen Charles

Review ??

I've done my first shoot with Killer Heels and I loved every second of it! Andrew made me feel very comfortable and was very easy to talk to and work with. I am absolutely over the moon with my images! Amazing!! Thanks again!
Natasha Leigh-Anne Beattie

Modelling shoot

WOW!! That's pretty much all I can say I have never met a photographer like this! He definitely stands out from the crowd. His ideas and the passion for what he does just blew me away. I was extremely nervous about our shoot but I really didn't need to be, he is a pleasure to work with and made me feel so at ease. Fantastic communication before and after and the images? Well, they simply speak for themselves. I really can't wait to work together again soon. Everyone should have the Killer Heels experience at least once in their lifetime just outstanding!!
Bibi Beauchelle

Training shoot

I attended a killer heels photography shoot yesterday as a guest and was very impressed with the professional manner in which the shoot was carried out and the way killer heels looked after all the models . I am a photographer but was shown some great techniques and look forward to the training days which are being set up as I for one will be attending .
Stuart mcguire

Tutus, Corsets .... What Next?

Andrew, can't thank you enough for making the shoot such a fab experience and giving me such a buzz! I'd do all over again - maybe latex next time, lol (running joke)! Rebecca did an amazing job with the hair and make-up. The shots are all absolutely amazing and it was such a tough job picking the ones to print. Anyone thinking about doing something similar - don't think: just do it!!


I just wanted to say I had a awesome time at my shoot with you, great fun and hey you introduced me to latex haha. I hope to work with you again in the near future thank you so much xxxx
Anita wood


Real quick, Like ALL of your photo work. I can see what you do with almost all of your photos, and that is to lead to your MAIN SUBJECT!
Looking forward to seeing more of your shoots.


Excellent work.
Rob ONeill

Fantastic shoot

That was by far the most relaxed shoot I've been a part of. All the girls look great too and the champers and sweeties were a nice touch. Thank you so much.
Nicole Murdoch

LOVE your images!

Hey there, just thought I'd let you know that I absolutely LOVE your images! I'm a budding young photographer myself and find them very inspiring!
Katie-Rose Wood

Possible collaboration.

Hi, I have been a fan of your work for sometime now and I would absolutely love to work with you! Your work is truly spectacular!
Vicki Von Blackwood


I took quite a while to look at all the pictures on your website. Absolutely superb every where I look. Fantastic lighting on Kandy K "Angel" and amazing Photoshop work on the Darkened Place CD cover. I could go on and on. Very tastefully done with great artistic skills. I'm an engineer with creative skills that are barely artistic but your amazing artistic talent is there for all to see. Envy!!!
Kindest regards
Russ Sadler

Fine Art photo

Julie and me absolutely love the pic, thanks so much. x
James Livingstone


I love getting an email from you! I never know what crazy idea you're going to pitch next. Bring it on!!
Tyne Roberts

Fav Tog

You are by faaar my favorite photographer, you know exactly what you're doing and are very good at it!!
Kirstie Munro

Shoot me again!

Andrew!! Your website! Why have I not seen this before? It's amazing!!! Makes me miss your camera skills! Let's sort this? :-) x
Emma Leigh Griffin

Your Work

WOW Andrew im so impressed, I love your work, do you have any price lists etc? I would love to get some photo's taken by you.
Christine Anderson

Stunning images

Wow Andrew, your photos are always so dramatic! I love the “rockstar triptec” photo – it looks like the front cover of an album.
Eilidh MacBeath

2 thumbs up!!

Very impressive shots/portraits you've got here.
Harry Ducay

Property Sale images

We hired Killer Heels to take photographs of both our houses prior to sale. Andrew was extremely professional in his approach and attitude, listening attentively to our ideas while offering invaluable suggestions. The quality of the photographs were excellent and many of the viewers to both our properties commented favourably on how well they complimented the actual space and interior decoration. Both properties sold within a month in a depressed market. I would definitely recommend Killer Heels for any photographic work. Thank you!
Derek Stuart & Lynne Bowie

Fantastic Photos

I finally got a chance to look at your photos and they are fantastic - do you never think about doing that professionally?
Louise Gale


Oh wow!! I adore these and I think I have a new fav photographer, it doesnt look like me, they are so different and will def be putting these on my portfolio :)
Thank you!
Kirsty Reid

Vamptasy Author

I just wanted to say that you guys ROCK! I very much enjoyed viewing your gallery and look forward to seeing your work with VP. Proud to know you may be doing some of my in a big WooHoo!
Robin Renee Ray

Your pics!

Wow I thought you might be quite rubbish but you are actually REALLY good ;o) ... pictures are amazing! Very impressive Andrew x


Thought I would be hopefully first to leave message. Looking good xx