Hello, welcome, and thank you for looking at the website. We are Killer Heels Photography and you will be our voyeur on this peek into this life thru’ a lens.


KHP is about a certain style, a recognisable look, an amazing and memorable experience. Specializing in fetish, alternative and outrageous concepts, we will always work to a very professional level, as we only create great imagery when all of the team contribute, be it for a model portfolio, commercial client or pet project.

Latex has to be the closest you can get to being naked yet fully clothed. Curves completely covered, yet figures completed exposed. Not forgetting heels – 6” minimum – for legs that go on for miles.

Now add lights to accent and highlight a dramatic looking model. It all adds to a very powerful and provocative image. Cries of ‘Cover me!’ as I take aim and shoot. So remember folks; if it’s moving, be sure and lead... but if it’s static; heck, take your time. Set up a tripod, maybe go for a long exposure.

One last thing, if I may be so bold to suggest: as you play out your role of voyeur and watch the world go by, maybe you should try and capture some of it; a fraction of a second at a time.

But in the meantime, watch the slide-show to the right, see if something catches your eye and encourages you to look further...

Galleries last updated: 3rd Mar 2023